Monday, November 15, 2010

Does anyone else feel this way?

So there a days/moments during the day where I feel like I could set the world on fire. I get really motivated to find a better job, create my own job, decorate my house really cool, clean and organize my house, the list goes on and on, and then all of a sudden it stops. "Reality" sets in and I begin to tell myself that "there's no way you can start your own business... no wonder you didn't get a school counselor job, you have nothing to offer.... why clean your house, you have a one year old who will tear it up.... your life is too transient, it doesn't pay to do any of the things you want to do because who knows where you will be living next year at this time, etc etc etc.
All very negative, but yet realistic thoughts.
We don't know where we will be living next year, Bryan graduates in May and we may (haha) move, chances are we'll move either back to Wisconsin or to Illinois. Either way, it's not here, so why decorate if we are moving? Why organize? Why look for a new job? Why do anything?
So what do I do?

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