Monday, March 14, 2011

Bad Thoughts

Sometimes when I hear of women who are stay at home moms, or read blogs written by stay at home moms I often pay little attention to what they are writing about and more attention to the fact that their husbands work and they stay home. Then I begin to feel sorry for myself and wonder why I have to work and why I am being punished by having to work and how these women lucked out and I didn't and as a result I have to work.
I know these are bad thoughts and I know that my initial response of "stop reading blogs" isn't the best response because I know that I'm just running away from my problems by doing that but I still feel completely saddened and hopeless at the thought of having to work.
I dont want to have any more children because of it. Who wants to spend 9 hours a day at work away from their kids? Why put more kids through that?

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